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Person looking over the edge of a cliff

We Are in an Edge Case

The edge case is a software development term but is quite applicable to business in a Covid-19 pandemic.

Read about Edge Cases.
The word FREE with a red X on top of it.

If it’s free, it isn’t for me.

There are several nonprofits and some small businesses out there that have sites that were built for them for free. Stop doing that!

Be suspicious of FREE
Overhead camera taking a video of in iPhone during testing

Your Website is No Longer a Brochure Site

There are two types of organizations. Ones that own their digital assets and processes that can move quickly to survive a pandemic and those that don’t. 

Get away from brochure ware.
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How To

3 Ways to Start Adding UX to Your Projects

User Experience goes beyond how something looks and how easy it is to use.

Adding UX to your projects.
Dark mode color scheme consists of a dark navy background, white logo, photo with an overlay to darken it up, and a floating text box that is a not so dark blue/grey with white text.
How To

Dark Mode or Light? How about both?

With a little low-code using CSS, you can provide a website aligned with your customer's preference.

Don't make them choose.
Screenshot of the Albion House Ramsgate website home screen

Albion House Ramsgate

One of The Hotel Inspector's show episodes, the Albion House is doing it right.

See what they are doing right.
The screen shows one of my old websites on the left and the lighthouse results on the right.
How To

Adding Accessibility Testing to your Auditing Process

How does your site stack up?

How to add Accessibility testing.
My version of what the screen should say - which is Shipped, when shipped with a link to track.

Shipping Status Confusion

Be extremely clear in your message if you point everyone to their online account to get status updates.

How to be clear in your messaging.
Image of my suggestion on how they can improve the confirmation screen. Add a Reschedule or Cancel link and process.

Do you really mean it when you say Contact Us?

Find easy ways to give users options that work for them when they are trying to connect with you.

Give users options to connect.
Thumbnail closeup of Book Now button

Where is your Book Now button?

Stick your users’ most important tasks to the bottom of the mobile window.

Where to put your Book Now button.