We Are in an Edge Case

The edge case is a software development term but...

Person looking over the edge of a cliff

From Wikipedia: An edge case is a problem or situation that occurs only at an extreme (maximum or minimum) operating parameter

This comes from software development. Depending on your methodolgy you develop for the majority and worry about the edge later or you develop for the edge and hope you haven't missed the market.

Even if we go back to “normal” operating parameters in a couple of months. Will our business survive? That depends on how quickly we can adapt to running on the edge. It might change significantly in what we do, how we do it, and who we do it with. 

A good example would be a trampoline park. They most likely have a website that shows the park, gives directions, events, and to buy tickets. They are now closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. What do they do now?

They could start selling fitness trampolines.

One of the many available on Amazon

Look at how much fun that person is having. It doesn’t stop there. In order to entice people to buy the fitness trampolines they’ll need content. How about a 6 week instructor lead exercise class? You could then put it into an online learning platform that would be free to members but a paid class by nonmembers. Peloton is a good example to look at. https://www.onepeloton.com/ Is it possible to build the samething around trampolines? I seem to recall a fad in the ‘80s or maybe the ‘90s around trampolines. It might be enough to bring in some income. 

Another example would be the children’s museum. Currently their website might tell of how to visit the museum and about their exhibitions and how to donate. They could start by adding a virtual tour of the museum if they don’t have one. Then add instructional video of games and experiments that parents and kids can do together. Eventually getting deeper into how kids learn by creating online courses for parents, educators, and kids. They could also create a documentary series of each exhibit. 

You might be thinking “Mike, these are great ideas but how can I get them done when everyone is in isolation?”

First, make the decision that you are actually going to take control of the situation. Then connect with your team and vendors to come up with ideas on what your organization can do to add value to your clients. I say include your vendors like your web person, photographer, marketing, and social media because they will have ideas as well as what can be implemented quickly.

Tool break! By the way none of these are affiliat links. Zoom or Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams work well for video meetings. Miro is a good online collaborative whiteboard. Asana or Trello or Basecamp for project management. 

Second, guage everyone’s abilities, willingness and ability to get it done. There are some that won’t be available or its not their forte. That’s fine. 

Third, prioritize. Then make a list of top task to get it done. 

Fourth, take action.

I look forward to hearing what you’ve come up with. I’m also available to lead an online workshop, give advice, help manage the project, and test the outcome.