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A UX / UI Designer

I'm Michael Collins

Does your site look amazing but hasn't lived up to it's potential? Or maybe it doesn't look so good and doesn't work to bring in business. Either way, this is where I come in.

From customer interviews, auditing, testing, experience mapping, wireframing, designing, building, and iterating. I'll help you reconfigure your site to suit your business and user's goals.

Elevate your business

Bring your business to the next level by deeply connecting with your customer.

Let's get your site working as one of your employees.

Evaluate to find the good and bad
Your digital experience has things that are working and not. Let's find out and expand on the things that are, then correct the things that arean't.
Beyond your site
Your customer's experience goes beyond your website so your site needs to as well. Let's map out how to integrate with your business systems to make a more valuable experience.



Understanding the lay of the land through research allows you to formulate a solution that builds a distinct path to the user and business goals. Activities during this phase include Competitive/Comparative Analysis, Surveys, Interviews, Workshops, Experience Mapping, building Personas, and field studies.
User experience in Design is geared more towards the overall functional elegance of a system. Activities include Strategy Workshops, Service Blueprinting, Wireframing, Flowcharts, Wireflows, Prototyping, Information Architecture, Sitemaps, and Design Comps.
Testing can take place through various phases of the project. Typically there is something designed or built that needs to be tested. Activities include User Testing, A/B Testing, Unmoderated Remote Testing, and Usability Testing.
There is a phrase that goes ‘always be testing’. Along with that... ‘always be Iterating’. Activities include Data Visualization, Goal Setting, and Performance Analytics.

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