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Michael Collins

With over 25 years of experience in design, user experience, and development, I began my journey in the early days of web design. Coming from a print and business admin background, I was driven by a passion for control over every last detail, spending countless nights and weekends immersed in HTML specifications to learn the art of website building.

My initial foray into CSS and the pursuit of pixel-perfect designs led to a valuable lesson in inclusivity. After inadvertently creating a website that hindered accessibility for a visually impaired user, I realized the crucial importance of accounting for the diverse abilities of all users in the design process.

This transformative experience shaped my career, as I went on to work extensively in web design and user experience. While technology has come a long way in fostering inclusivity, I firmly believe that it is the responsibility of both tool-builders and tool-users to make the web truly accessible to everyone.

Today, I share my wealth of knowledge and experience to raise awareness about the importance of inclusive design, and to inspire others to consider the unique needs and abilities of all users when building websites and digital tools.