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Application Development Plans

Be Where Your Customers Are Living

The Essentials provides all you need to continue to build the relationship with your customers. Bring your own design or choose from a template for a cost efficient solution.
  • Built with Webflow CMS
  • Easy for you to update
  • Standard or monthly plans available

MVP/Web App

Built using Bubble or Glide*
Your Design or template**

App Store App

Built using Bubble or Glide*
Your Design or template**
Best Value

App Idea Validation

Job Maps
Outcome Statements
Segments of Opportunity
Competitive Analysis
Hidden Growth Opportunities
Feature Strategy
And more

Plan Terms

* Bubble or Glide
Depending on the project the right tool for the job will be used.
I will do 2 Zoom trainings and provide the recordings for future reference.
** Design and Templates
The price makes the presumption that the design files or template is well formed for accessibility and SEO. If not, there is an additional charge.
I would love to establish an ongoing relationship to track your progress.

Additional services

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This is for use with your business software that may need additional development to integrate with your site.
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Data Architecture
Planning a new business or project? Spending time upfront working on what type of data you're going to have and where it should go is well work the pain and heartache later.
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Goal Validation
Have a great idea but not sure it's really going to work? Or has you plans so far not gotten the results you hoped? Sounds like Goal Validation would be the next step.
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Content Creation
The correct content generation is one of the keys to long-term success.
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Need a design? That's where we come in.
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As you grow you may find that you need additional points of view.
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