Engage, Attract, Inform

Stakeholder Interviews, Journey Mapping, Digital Prototypes, Usability Testing, and Design.

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Personas & User Study

Design Guidelines


The Club was looking for ways to engage the existing members, attract new members, and inform the general public about the galleries.


The challenge was to build a new digital platform to be able to showcase what was happening at the club, the member artists and the 3 galleries that are open to the public.

The Process

Top Task Analysis

Stakeholder Interviews - I conducted formal stakeholder interviews and a few informal interviews. This was used to generate the top tasks list for members, non-members, and staff.  

Competitive and Comparative Analysis

Competitive & Comparative Analysis - The club has reciprocal member benefits with other art and university clubs across the globe. I used those to compare the design and features of the other clubs plus some user testing on public-facing features. 

Database Design

Information Architecture - Building off of the top tasks, competitive features, existing content, user goals, and club goals, I designed the menu, database, and content outline. 

Wireframes and Wireflows - Wireframes and flows were created to get a sense of how the user segments would experience the site. 

Prototype -  A prototype was built to confirm the user flow and initial functionality. 

Homepage Design

Design - The design was then created to reinforce the brand guidelines and added on top of the prototype.

Testing and Tweaking - We tested the prototype on a group of club members with various devices. From the test results, we then reworked some of the user’s flow through the site.  

Launch - We then launched the final site for a major exhibition the club was holding. 


Since launching we continue to gather feedback and review the data to tweak the user experience. These were the results sfter lsunch but before marketing.

  • Sessions are up 27%
  • Page views are up 106%
  • Pages per Session is up 62%
  • Average Session Duration is up 86%
  • Bounce Rate is down by 33% - used to be 60% now is 40%
  • Returning Visitors are now 40% vs 24% previously - membership engagement

Final Product

Key Takeaways


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