Website and Application Development

Rise above the competition without compromising cash flow. Your website is not a one and done asset. Whether it is a new website or a reconfiguring of your existing website, we have affordable plans.

Find a plan that'll work for your business


Website Development

For when you want a new site that is built for the ground up with Search Engine Optimization and business growth in mind.

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Application Development

For when you want to go that extra mile and meet your customers where they are. MVP, Web App, or native app development is available.


When you have an existing site that isn't working or you want to build one yourself. You'll want someone to help you along the way.

Michael has been my go-to person for branding design, Web development, and executing all of my e-campaigns since the late 1990s.

Glen Ilacqua
Glen Ilacqua
South 6

Michael always goes above and beyond with our projects. He anticipates, responds, and explains why things are being done the way they are done.

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Luis Perez-Cordero
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A brief look at additional services


This is for use with your business software that may need additional development to integrate with your site.

Data Architecture

Planning a new business or project? Spending time upfront working on what type of data you're going to have and where it should go is well work the pain and heartache later.

Goal Validation

Have a great idea but not sure it's really going to work? Or has you plans so far not gotten the results you hoped? Sounds like Goal Validation would be the next step.

Content Creation

The correct content generation is one of the keys to long-term success.


Need a design? That's where we come in.


As you grow you may find that you need additional points of view.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to launch?

Depending on the package chosen, it could take as little as a month up to 3 months.

What happens if I have to cancel?

No problem however 50% of the remaining contract will be due.

Can I pay the entire year up front?

Sure, regular or monthly pricing is available.

What if I have an existing site that I like to look but it is not performing as it should be?

I love good looking, existing sites. Sometimes it's a small tweak and others times it more extensive. I'd love to take a look at it.

Is hosting included?

No. The site or app can be turned over to you upon final payment for hosting on your own plans. Or it can be hosted on a platform of my choosing.

Case Study

Refreshing South 6

The refresh of the South 6 website needed to be done in a month on a tight budget. By utilizing the budget in the user experience area we're building a foundation for testing and iterating in areas that'll make the biggest difference for the user and the business.

Screenshot of the South 6 homepage

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