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FREE 25-Minute Micro-SaaS Vetting Framework

Sitting on a million dollar idea?

Let's hope so. One way to take quick action is to spend a few minutes vetting the idea. The 25-minute Micro-Saas Vetting Framework is designed to get you to take a small action to either go deeper into the idea, altering it to something better, or putting it on the back burner and moving on.

For years I bounced around between great ideas and trying to impliment them. One of the questions I fogrot to ask myself was "should I be doing this?" When I have an idea or someone brings one to me I think "WOW! This will be amazing! Let's get to work!" Let's just say it really hasn't worked out.

A mentor suggested I read Rocket Fuel and take the test. Rocket Fuel is part of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) series of books, tools, etc. I don't have any affiliation with them so feel free to check them out or not. Anyway, they have 2 buckets of people - Visionary and Integrator. Simply put, Visionaries are the idea generators and the Integrators are the ones to bring the idea to life. I'm 48% visionary and 52% integrator.

That gave some insight to get out of the idea, beginning to impliment, new idea, frustration loop. I decided to use my integrator side and come up with a quick framework for vetting ideas and taking action. This has helped me immensly clear my head to be able to focus on what's important to move forward.

I hope you find this helpful in your journey to acting on a viable idea. The framework is free in exchange for your email. I promise not to spam you. I'll only send out emails when I have somehting important to relate. Let me know how you make out and any comments, suggestions, or questions that you have. Thank you!

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