The Hotel Inspector

If you haven’t seen The Hotel Inspector you’re in for a treat. It’s not an overly dramatic American reality show, it is a UK observational documentary. They certainly come across some quirky hotel owners however it builds a nice story, has a little drama, but then gets the job done. Hotelier Alex Polizzi is called in to fix failing or floundering businesses. Her no-nonsense approach to getting it done can be taken to heart in any business. 

Everything is about the guest experience. The show deals with the physical aspects of the experience, only referring to the digital experience very briefly. Granted I’ve only seen episodes that are available on Youtube but I’m going to run with it anyway. If Alex has discussed the digital experience more in-depth I’d love to be able to see it. 

My focus is on the digital and how the physical ties into it to make a cohesive experience. In that vein, I’m going to do some quick audits and observations of the digital experiences of some of the hotels tied to the show.