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I help digital agencies build higher performing projects by providing a deeper understanding of the client’s clients.

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Understanding the lay of the land through research allows you to formulate a solution that builds a distinct path to the user and business goals. Activities during this phase include Competitive/Comparative Analysis, Surveys, Interviews, Workshops, Experience Mapping, building Personas, and field studies.


User experience in Design is geared more towards the overall functional elegance of a system. Activities include Strategy Workshops, Service Blueprinting, Wireframing, Flowcharts, Wireflows, Prototyping, Information Architecture, Sitemaps, and Design Comps.


Testing can take place through various phases of the project. Typically there is something designed or built that needs to be tested. Activities include User Testing, A/B Testing, Unmoderated Remote Testing, and Usability Testing.


There is a phrase that goes ‘always be testing’. Along with that... ‘always be Iterating’. Activities include Data Visualization, Goal Setting, and Performance Analytics.


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